How to Lose 70 Pounds - S1E8

April 29th, 2016 · 23 mins 1 sec

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How to Lose 70 Pounds - S1E8

Part 2 of the Cows and Kettlebells Podcast is focused on how to lose 70 pounds.  As part of Jay's training, he was focused on getting in shape and losing weight.  As you'll find out, it takes commitment, consistency, focus and in Jay's case, a kick in the rear from instructors.  Diet is a key component of weight loss, and Jay discusses his diet and eating regimen.

Jay's tips for starting to work out are the following:

Consistency. This is crucial.  You are going to have days where you don’t want to workout.  You must push through those feelings and complete your workout.  The phrase that we all use “life gets in the way” is complete baloney.  If anything, run in place for a minute at a time.  Try it for ten minutes.
Lifestyle Change and Commitment. There’s a ton of stuff out there that makes working out a huge presentation.  There’s a reason: they’re trying to make you feel like you’re part of a tribe, like you belong to something.  With that membership to the tribe comes commitment.  You have to make a commitment to the tribe, but more importantly, you must make a commitment to yourself.  Make the change in your lifestyle, and then commit to it.
Hydrate. Drink water before, during and after your workouts, especially if you are sore.
Form is key.  Weight is just resistance.

Learn the basics from others around you. Ask questions about form and practice the fundamentals of what you are learning.  Top tier athletes and exercise professionals got there for a reason, and most of the time, they are willing to share their knowledge and help a new person.  Make sure you learn before you jump on a weight machine or throw weight around.  Do the research and learn from others; otherwise, you might hurt yourself.  Safety is key.

Make it fun. This is supposed to be a complete lifestyle change, right? That means to keep committed to the lifestyle in the long term, you need to make it fun and interesting.  If you are bored with the same old routine on a treadmill, you will quit.  Try new things.  Go hiking, walk around a lake, try swimming, go kayaking, take ballroom dance lessons, do something fun.  As your endurance improves, the world will open up to you, so take advantage of it and go have an adventure!

This lifestyle is meant to improve your life, not be a burden.  As Jay hit his stride, he became hungry for exercise after three weeks.  He took up Jiu Jitsu as a way to burn calories and learn new things.  He stressed to go and try something that makes you feel uncomfortable.   You may end up in shape and with a hobby or skills that might raise the eyebrow of more than one person.

Great job, Jay.  That is quite an accomplishment to lose 70 pounds.  Thank you for being an excellent guest for these two podcasts!  Let us know when you have your new blog up and running!


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Tabata Workouts - 20 second bursts of exercise and rest for 10 seconds and repeat those exercises for 8 cycles
Military Cadence - Collection of cadence from the US Army.  There are others out there.  Hooah!

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