Cowbells and Kettlebells Part 1 - S1E7

April 21st, 2016 · 35 mins 55 secs

About this Episode

Cowbells and Kettlebells Part 1 - S1E7

My friend Jay is back on the Small Scale Life Podcast!  Jay and I recorded a two-part series called "Cowbells and Kettlebells," and in this episode, we discuss Jay's vision of buying and owning rural property.  Specifically, we discuss the following topics:

Why purchase rural property?
What is your vision for this property?
What are you looking for as you start to look at rural property (i.e., features and characteristics)?
Will you need to commute to your job?  What kind of a commute are you willing to tolerate?
What are you seeing in your market?  Is rural property available?  What does it look like?
What advice/tips do you have for others?

Throughout this episode, we discuss permaculture concepts (i.e., hugelkulture mounds and small scale food forests). I also sprinkle in some of my (and Julie's) thoughts about our future rural property, and I learned a few new things from Jay during the course of this podcast as well.

My take-away from this podcast is that I will be doing some research about farm credits and agriculture-based credits, grants and loans.  That could be very beneficial for our future plans, and I have a feeling some other folks in the MN-WI Regenerative Agriculture Facebook Group would be interested as well!

[caption id="attachment_589" align="aligncenter" width="1600"] I interviewed Jay from the cab of a fire truck (this is a random picture). I have to think that is a first in the podcasting world![/caption]

I would also like to note that the first part of this podcast was recorded from the cab of a fire engine.  I don't think there is another podcast in the world that can make that claim!  We did have to re-record part of this podcast since there was activity in the fire station that interrupted the show.


The following sites and links were discussed during this podcast:
Small Scale Life Season 1, Episode 6 - What is a Sustainable Life?
Small Scale Gardening Blog
Ben Falk's The Resilient Farm and Homestead book
Jack Spirko Member Support Brigade
Jack Spirko Episode 1764 - Small Scale Food Forestry
Homes for Heroes - Hero Rewards®, rebates, and discounts for firefighters, emergency medical professionals, military and veterans, law enforcement, teachers and healthcare workers when buying, selling, or refinancing a home.
A special thanks to Austin from Beatsby_Roi for providing permission for using the song "Steady Wzdm" from The Lemonwater Chronicles, Volume 1, on the podcast.  Austin has a new track called Feels Right that is really great; check it out!

Also a special thanks to Dillon from The Soapbox Collective Podcast for helping set the music up.

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