Urban Farming with Scott Hebert - S1E9

May 6th, 2016 · 1 hr 6 mins

About this Episode

Urban Farming with Scott Hebert - S1E9

Scott Hebert starting urban farming in 2015 in Chilliwack, British Columbia.  A year ago, Scott was working at his dad's cabinet shop, and when his dad announced that the shop was closing, Scott knew he had to find a new path forward. After losing 60 pounds on his own weight loss journey, had an interest in growing healthy food.  At that point, he started his urban farm called Flavourful Farms.

Using his previous experience using coaches in Mixed Martial Arts, Scott reached out to an urban farming expert that lived two hours away: Curtis Stone.  Paying a consulting fee, Scott visited Curtis and spent the day with him, looking at this urban farming operation and asking questions.  Of course, Scott had done his homework beforehand, and he asked a lot of questions and walked away with a lot of answers.

During the podcast, Scott and I discuss urban farm, his creativity and his artwork.  Scott has sold some of his art to customers and used it in his kickstarter campaign.  One picture that we discussed was the recent picture he created of a dog (pictured below).  He was able to create this for a customer, and Scott got some satisfaction knowing that his creation would always be part of the dog's owner's life.

[caption id="attachment_666" align="aligncenter" width="750"] Scott drew this picture for a customer - 5/4/16[/caption]

During the podcast, Scott and I discuss his cart made out of spare parts and scraps.  He did some more work on it this week, and he posted this video on his Flavourful Farms Instagram site.  It is a very creative build!  Nice work, Scott.

Scott and I talked about the following links during the podcast:
Flavourful Farms website - Scott's main website
Flavourful Farms on Instagram - Great photos, and Scott updates it regularly
Flavourful Farms on Facebook - Scott's farming page
The Sample Hour - Drew Sample and Scott Hebert's weekly podcast
Curtis Stone's "The Urban Farmer" - Book and online course
Curtis Stone's Green City Acres - Urban Farm
Curtis Stone's YouTube Channel - Great tips and videos
Permaculture Voices with Diego Footer - Great podcasts about permaculture and profitable urban farming
Scott Hebert's interview on Permaculture Voices - Diego Footer and Curtis Stone interview Scott Hebert about urban farming
Dan Barber Ted Talks - Dan Barber talks about fish raised using a revolutionary farming method in Spain

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