Stoic Farming and Tribalism with Scott Hebert - S3E2

January 9th, 2018 · 1 hr 19 mins

About this Episode

Welcome to 2018, everyone!  Back in 2016, one of my first interviews was with a guy who was kicking off his small market farming operation in Chilliwak, British Columbia. That guy is Scott Hebert, and his farm is called Flavourful Farms.  Since that interview, Scott has been working hard on his farm, landing new clients, and starting a new podcast and Vlog!   He is a busy guy.  I am thrilled to Scott back on Small Scale Life to kick off the new year.  In this podcast, we discuss a number of topics including farming, stoicism, his podcast Stoic Mettle, launching his Vlog, developing a tribe and growing and maintaining his beard.  I had a lot of fun on this episode, even with a minor technical glitch and some background noise (on my end) that will be addressed in future shows.

One cool thing that happened during this interview was that Scott announced starting a weekly Vlog on his YouTube Channel. 

Scott Hebert and I discussed the following topics in this interview:

  • Who is Scott Hebert?
  • - Flavourful Farms and Farming
  • - Starting the Farm
  • - Mindset
  • - Cost of Entry for Farming
  • - Case for Being Debt Free
  • - Pricing and Customers
  • - Plan for 2018
  • - Physical Requirements for Farming
  • - Bees and Chickens
  • - What would Scott do differently?
  • Stoic Mettle, Stoicism and Tribalism
  • - Why stoicism?  How does this relate to farming?
  • - Starting and revising the Stoic Mettle Podcast
  • - Stoicism, Tribe, and Friend Gap
  • - Future of Stoic Mettle
  • Growing and Maintaining a Beard
  • Key Take-Aways from the Interview