Restarting My Engine - HELP 9

March 21st, 2017 · 29 mins 11 secs

About this Episode

HELP Episode 9: Restarting My Engine

2017 is flying by a light speed.  January, February and March are rapidly fading into the history books.  How are you doing on your health goals?

I have to be honest: I am restarting on my health goals for 2017.  I really haven't written about my health goals or talked about them at all in 2017.  As I discuss in the podcast, I punched out after Halloween last year and just tried not thinking about exercise, tracking food and pounds on the scale.  As I look at how the year ended and new year started, I failed to achieve my big goal, and I just decided to punt and regroup.
Restarting my engine is critical to getting back in the fight.  I have change from always being on defense to rolling forward on offense.  You cannot do that sitting on the couch, behind a microphone, or writing blog posts.  It is time to move and get active.  This podcast summarizes my four point plan to restart my engine for 2017 and the rest of my life.


I am not a licensed health care or fitness experts.  I am not a doctor.  Please be sure to consult your doctor, dietician or other health care professional about health, fitness or other medical issues.  All information shared on the Healthy Lifestyle Podcast and Small Scale Life are for informational and inspirational purposes only.

Topics For Restarting My Engine

I discussed the following topics in this episode:
Wrapping Up 2016
HELP Episode 7 - Interview with Kevin Michael Geary
Restarting My Engine in 2017
Signing up for and bowing out of a 12-Week Weight Loss Challenge
Starting the Rebooted Body program
Listening to Rebooted Body Podcasts
Restarting Regular HELP Podcasts and Blog Posts
Keeping Perspective Going Forward

During the podcast, I discussed a few different sites, podcasts, videos and blogs.  The following is a list of those links:.
Free 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge
Back Up Fitness Group on Facebook
Episode 7 of the HELP Podcast – Drew and I interview Kevin Geary about what we are doing and about the three pillars to healthy living: Eat, Move and Live
Kevin Geary’s Rebooted Body – Kevin Geary's Blog and Podcast. Check out his site to “get a body and life you love”
Kevin Geary’s YouTube Channel

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