Gratitude for Small Victories - S2E17

August 2nd, 2017 · 45 mins 4 secs

About this Episode

Gratitude for Small Victories - S2E17

Welcome to August! Today in Season 2 Episode 17 of Small Scale Life, we are going to be talking about small victories, and I am truly grateful to have them. This is the first time since the end of June that I am posting up a new podcast. It was a CRAZY July, and we got a ton of work done. Between Danny’s birthday on the 4th and Julie’s birthday on the 24th, we packed up our house, moved out of the St. Louis Park house and moved in to the Minneapolis house. Since that chaos wasn’t enough, I then moved the podcast to a new hosting site and made big changes to the Small Scale Life Facebook Group. With all that stuff going on, it is time to take a minute, take a breath, take a look back at what happened last month and express my gratitude for the small victories that are indications that we are moving in the right direction!
Podcast Show Notes
[caption id="attachment_2080" align="aligncenter" width="960"] I didn't think the badly damaged cucumber plant would make it. Now I have to come up with Plan B so they can both grow! 8/2017[/caption]
In this podcast, I discuss small victories in the following places:

Rebranding Small Scale Life 
Garden - Peppers
Adjustments to the Small Scale Life Facebook Group
Changes to the Small Scale Life Podcast
Going Forward
Friends of Small Scale Life

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