8 Tips for a Successful Whole30 Reintroduction

May 9th, 2024 · 22 mins 33 secs

About this Episode

In this 223rd Episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, I discuss the Whole30 Reintroduction Phase. This is a critical part of the process, and I have 8 Tips for a successful Whole30 Reintroduction Phase. Remember: this part of the Challenge is incredibly important, so please take this phase slow and don’t rush through it.

We are on Day 30 of our April 2024 Whole30 Challenge! We have arrived!  Congratulations on making it to Day 30. 

This is an amazing accomplishment (this is a hard challenge), and I am very proud of you. I am thrilled you made it this far.  Even if you had a day or two where you went off plan and the rails, you made it to this point.  Well done! Good job. You are AWESOME!

For the last 30 days, you have essentially been detoxing and resetting your body and metabolism.  You have taken the time and effort to focus on you and your health.  

Now it is time to reintroduce those foods that you removed from your diet, and this can seem overwhelming and scary. Why would you introduce those things when you feel THIS GOOD?

You are continuiing an experiment on yourself. You are PROJECT YOU. Whole30 Reintroduction will help you determine what are "ok" foods, what are "occasional" foods and what are "hell no" foods. To do this phase of the Whole30 Challenge, you need to go "low and slow." In this episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, I give you 8 Tips for a Successfull Whole 30 Reintroduction based on our two completed challenges.

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