Winter Tips - S1E20

December 13th, 2016 · 34 mins 51 secs

About this Episode

Winter has arrived in force!  We got our first decent snowfall here in Minnesota on Saturday.  On top of the snow, we are getting slammed by January-like cold.  We will be dealing with -20 degree Fahrenheit temperatures by Saturday here in the Twin Cities.  In fact, as I recorded this podcast, it was -1 degree Fahrenheit (and feels like -15 degrees Fahrenheit)!  Winter is here, and it is time to talk about some key winter tips for preparing yourself, your equipment and your house for this kind of cold and these kind of conditions.

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Podcast Topics
In this podcast, I discuss the following topics:
Introduction to the Small Scale Life Podcast and Small Scale Gardening Blog
Is Small Scale Life a Wellness Program?
Conditions and Driving in Snow
Winter Tips for Working in the Cold, Winterizing Your Equipment and Winterizing your House
Winter Tips for Managing Ice Dams

[caption id="attachment_1371" align="aligncenter" width="762"] Our quiet street after the snowstorm - December 2016[/caption]

During the Small Scale Life Podcast, I discuss the following links:
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About.com - How to Prevent and Remove Ice Dams
University of Minnesota Extension - Ice Dams
Sample Hour with Drew Sample
Small Scale Gardening Facebook Group
MN-WI Regenerative Agriculture Facebook Group
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