Learning, Doing, Growing – S2E8

April 13th, 2017 · 22 mins 48 secs

About this Episode

Learning, Doing, Growing – S2E8

April is off and running, and we are already approaching the middle of the month!  Last week was pretty busy, and I did not post a podcast.  However, I was busy working on updating the site and streamlining the user experience!  I was inspired by a book by author, podcaster and blogger Ravi Jayagopal.  He wrote an e-book called Confessions of a Wannabe PodcaSTAR, and after reading his book, I found that I could improve the site and podcast.  It is learning, doing and growing in action!  You should notice those changes right away.

In addition, I launched a new Facebook Group dedicated to Small Scale Life.  I am hoping to grow a community that is engaged in blog and podcast topics.  My plan is to let you see some behind-the-scenes items and content.  Who knows?  Maybe community members will get some other special perks as we grow!  Please join our new community by clicking on this link and continue to learn, do and grow with us!

Podcast Topics and Links

Running; Goldy 10-Miler

Flash wins first place at the 2017 Goldy 10-Miler!

In this podcast, I discuss the following topics and links:

Friends of Small Scale Life

As I develop friendships in online communities and in real life, I have seen really great people doing great work.  For some, I will be setting up affiliates and memberships as this blog and podcasts grow.  Please check out these friends and take advantage of their offers below:

Natures Image Farm

Nature’s Image Farm – If you are planning on buying some fruit trees for your yard or comfrey for your herb garden, please check out Nature’s Image Farm!  When you place orders using the code “SSL,” you will receive a 10% OFF all nursery stock plus FREE shipping.  It is time to plant, so why not order something from Nature’s Image Farm?  Even if you do not buy anything, this is a going to be a great resource for new homesteaders like me.  Check out the Homestead How-To Page for more hillbilly homesteading information.


Small Scale Life Facebook Community

Join the Small Scale Life Facebook Community today!

Small Scale Life Facebook Group – This group will get you a backstage pass and access to other members of the Small Scale Life Community.  We will discuss gardening, healthy lifestyle, frugal living and having adventures along the way! This is also your chance to see what is coming up on Small Scale Life, see some content not shared on the blog, and ask questions of future guests.


Reconnaissance Man; Aaron Clarey; Captain Capitalism

Aaron Clarey’s Reconnaissance Man – Written by local Minnesotan author, blogger, podcaster and economist Aaron Clarey, Reconnaissance Man is the book that guarantees you live life right the first time or at least ends your wandering in the desert. By perfectly and clearly explaining the process by which a person figures out who they are and what they want out of life, Reconnaissance Man provides the reader a clear road map to life, ensuring you don’t waste precious decades on worthless degrees, careers you hate, and people you don’t love.

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