Introduction: How to Start Gardening

March 15th, 2021 · 35 mins 10 secs

About this Episode

Have you ever felt overwhelmed as you think about how to start gardening or kicking off a new garden season? There are so many questions, options and methods; it can feel like you are lost in a lush jungle of options and questions:

• Do I start seeds or buy them from a store or a greenhouse?
• Should I till up your yard and plant in native soil or build raised beds?
• Should I use Square Foot Gardens, Rain Gutter Grow Systems, Wicking Beds or Root Pouches?
• How should I orient my beds (north-south vs. east-west)?
• Can I put a garden in a shaded spot?
• What soil mix should I use for my raised beds?
• Am I going to have an organic garden by using compost or use fertilizers or both?
• How far do I space my garden beds from each other?
• How close should I put the plants in my garden beds?
• What are these pests (bugs, birds or four-legged animals) and how do I stop them eating my plants?
• How can I reduce weeding and the work involved in gardening?
• Why bother? I never remember to water my plants and kill everything I touch!

If you feel this way, this new How to Start Gardening Series is for you. I am designing this series for people starting from scratch and with a clean canvas. My goal is to reduce the confusion and help you successfully grow plants and vegetables.