Homestead Hunting and Liberty All Day Long with Letti Loo

March 24th, 2021 · 1 hr 7 mins

About this Episode

On this 189th Episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, I am talking homestead hunting, Roberts Rules, grounding and gardening with Letti Loo from the Liberty All Day Blog, Podcast and Vlog.

Letti is a busy person! She is married and has a busy little boy, and along with her own platform, she is a co-host on the 80’s Mom Podcast and has her own virtual assistant company called Parli Pro Consulting as well.

Like Julie and I, Letti and her family are escaping Chicago and returning to the land. They want to get back to a place and a life that makes sense. They want the liberty and freedom to become who they want to be, grow their own food, have some animals, build a community and do something simply magnificent in a beautiful place.

They are on the path that so many urbanites and suburbanites are on right now: escaping the large cities, the rules and the chaos. The land rush is on, and prices are climbing and property is scarce. Homestead hunting has been really tough and intense because potential places are sold sight unseen and as-is for premium prices. Will Letti and her family find that oasis in the sea of confusion?

I know they will!

Remember, dear Letti, good things are coming. It will work out and you will get the right place for you. Keep your chin up as your keep homestead hunting. Speak it; claim it; believe it!