How to Build Vertical Garden Planters

June 26th, 2018 · 30 mins 26 secs

About this Episode

Last week during the garden update, I discussed my new vertical garden planters made from two vinyl gutters.  After I posted the article and podcast, I realized that it had been a while since I discussed this topic, and I have never discussed how to build vertical gardens on fences before. In this post and episode, I will discuss the following topics:

  • What is a vertical garden?
  • Benefits and challenges of a vertical garden planters
  • Materials needed to build a vertical garden planters
  • Step-by-step guide for building vertical garden planters

What is a Vertical Garden?

Vertical gardens are growing techniques that take advantage of unused vertical space to grow vegetables, herbs or flowers. There are several types of vertical gardening techniques that can be used effectively in any garden:

  • Trellises - Making use of trellises for certain plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, pole beans, sugar snap peas, grapes, squashes and gourds, etc.
  • Hanging Planters – Using elevated planters that put plants in the air and specifically grow in used vertical space.

I have used both techniques effectively over the years. I am a huge fan of trellis gardening, and I use trellises exclusively for a number of plants in my garden. I will have another article that discusses my trellis and technique.

Hanging planters are another way to let plants grow in the air and maximize unused space. I discussed vertical gardens before in the following articles and podcasts here on [Small Scale Life](www.smallscalelife.com):

Vertical Garden 101: Introduction to Vertical Gardening
Vertical Garden 102: How to Build a Vertical Garden
Vertical Gardening with the Plant Charmer Part 1
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There has been a lot of change since those articles and podcasts! The Plant Charmer has expanded his farming operation using vertical gardening techniques exclusively, and I have relocated from St. Louis Park to the current homestead in Minneapolis.

For more about How to Build Vertical Garden Planters on Fences including a step-by-step guide and material list for building a vertical garden, check out Small Scale Life!