Hogtoberfest and Tribe - HELP 6

October 21st, 2016 · 37 mins 9 secs

About this Episode

Hogtoberfest and Tribe - HELP 6

What in God's name is Hogtoberfest? Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is a the gathering of people at Nature's Image Farm in Ohio for learning the old ways of slaughtering and processing hogs.  As you will find out in this episode of the Healthy Lifestlye Podcast, it was much more than just processing pork.  Hogtoberfest was about learning the old ways and rituals and adopting them.  It was about sharing the experience, learning skills and breaking bread (and drinking meads, ciders and beers).  Most importantly, it was about forging new relationships and building a small community, a tribe, of homesteaders, urban farmers, beekeepers and their families.  In a world of "plastic fantastic", smart phones, technology and isolation, gatherings like these are necessary.  The lone wolf depicted in Hollywood and today's culture is a lie.  Instead, a group of like-minded individuals, the tribe, is necessary to get stuff done, share resources and lean on each other when "times get tough, or even when they don't."
[caption id="attachment_1182" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Hogtoberfest 2016 at Natures Image Farm[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1213" align="aligncenter" width="859"] The Hogtoberest Podcast elevated The Sample Hour to the 2nd best podcast in the world![/caption]
Drew and I discussed the following topics in this episode:
Diet and fitness over the past week and plans for the next week
The Real #2 Podcast
Hogtoberfest Recap
Tribe and Small Communities: why are they important in the modern world?

Drew, Scott and I discussed a few different sites, podcasts and video blogs during this episode.  The following is a list of those links:

The Sample Hour 125 Hogtoberfest 2016 - The Lumbersquatches at Natures Image Farm discuss Hogtoberfest and what it meant to them. This is a GREAT podcast, and it reminds me of our hunting camps in the spring: telling stories, having a laugh, remembering the old ways, and cracking a beer at 10 AM in the morning.
The Sample Hour 124 The Hilbilliness of Hillbillies - Drew Sample and Greg Burns discuss life and business through the prism of a hillbilly homesteader, or in other words, common sense.
The Sample Hour 123 The Mental Game of Getting Started Part 1 - Javan Bernakevitch and Drew Sample discuss getting started on a career path.
Natures Image Farm - Greg Burns and his family's homestead in Ohio.
Kevin Geary's Rebooted Life - Drew and I interview Kevin Geary in Episode 7 of the HELP Podcast. Check out his site!
The Contrary Farmer - Gene Logsdon. Check out the website here: The Contrary Farmer
Rest Faster - Blog post on Robb Wolf's site about rest protocols and routines to improve your rest and recovery
Five Minute Journal – Drew is using the Five Minute Journal to work through issues and develop his mindset
Headspace - Drew and Scott are using the Headspace application for daily meditation
Audible Application - Make the most of your mundane tasks and drive time!

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