Healthy Lifestyle Podcast: Introduction - HELP 1

August 25th, 2016 · 37 mins 5 secs

About this Episode

Healthy Lifestyle Podcast: Introduction - HELP 1

This is Episode 1 of our new weekly Healthy Lifestyle Podcast.  Drew Sample from the Sample Hour Podcast and I are both a weight loss journey and want to live healthier lifestyles.  We decided that doing a weekly accountability podcast together will be fun and keep us on track with our goals.

In this podcast, we discuss the following topics:
Kicking off the Podcast
Baseline Information: How did we get here?
Our Goals and Drew's Weight Loss Challenge at Work
Plan for the Week
Mid-Week Motivation
The Mid-Week Motivation is:
[tweetthis]It is said that weight loss starts in the kitchen. Garbage in = garbage out.[/tweetthis]


Drew and I talked about the following links during this podcast:
Drew Sample from The Sample Hour
Workout and Diet Plan for the Week of 8/21/16 - Tom's Workout and Diet Program
How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life by Scott Adams
The Whole 30 Program - Drew's Program for Changing his Relationship with Food
DDP Yoga - Drew's Fitness Program
Here is a DDP Yoga Beginners Workout on Diamond Dallas Page's YouTube Channel. Check it out!
Friends of Healthy Lifestyle Podcast

I am always happy to show some of my friends some love.  This week's friends of the Healthy Lifestyle Podcast:
Condo to Compound Blog – Jay Dolan’s journey from an urban/suburban life to a rural life.
Failing Forward Profitable Urban Farming – Drew Sample and Scott Hebert’s weekly podcast about success, failures and life as an urban farmer.

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