Halloween Livestream: Breaking the Silence

October 31st, 2021 · 25 mins

About this Episode

In this episode, I break my silence and restart the Small Scale Life Podcast! I talk about our new farm in Western Wisconsin and starting to live at our farm. I talk about the following topics:

  1. Gratitude Practice - Shout Outs and Thank Yous
  2. Driftless Oaks Farm a. Outbuildings b. Fruit Trees, Berries, Grapes and Perenials c. Pens/Paddocks d. The Blue Barn e. The Chicken Coop
  3. Small Scale Life Podcast
  4. "Harvest" by Osi and the Jupiter
  5. Final Remarks - Happy Halloween!

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Special thanks to Sean at Osi and the Jupiter for writing and recording the song at the end of the podcast episode. You can fiund Osi and the Jupiter on YouTube, Facebook and Bandcamp. I really enjoy his Appalachian/Norse/Folk style.