MFJ: Garden and Homestead Update - August 2022

September 9th, 2022 · 23 mins 34 secs

About this Episode

Host Tommy Cakes provides a garden and homestead update here at Driftless Oaks Farm in this 210th Episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast. During the show, Tommy talks about the following topics:

  1. Change is in the Air - Fall and Winter are Coming!
  2. The Orchard - Criss Cross Apple Sauce
  3. The Land Provides - Sweet Corn and Wild Grapes
  4. Canning * Four Tips for Successful Canning * Corn Relish and Cowboy Candy Relish
  5. How does my Garden Grow?
  6. Project Updates * The BIG To Do List * Operation WW - Drainage Project, Front Gardens, Planting Grass * Removing Fence, Moving the Woodpile and Moving Poop Mountain #1 * Push before the Rains Fall and Snow Flies!
  7. Gatherings - Family and Friends at the Farm
  8. Connect to the Land - Animal Updates * Flying Young Eagle * Running Skunk * Watching and Counting Down - Oriole and Hummingbird Departures
  9. Future Shows and What's Coming Up Next!

For show notes, links and photos, go to https://smallscalelife.com!