Three Questions for 2016 - S1E3

January 31st, 2016 · 1 hr 2 mins

About this Episode

In this podcast, Jay and I discuss the following topics:

1) Blog Merger - Why I decided to merge smallscalelife.com and smallscalegardening.com
2) Snow Apocalypse 2016 - Snowstorm that hit the Eastern Seaboard and how people are not prepared for a life's disasters. The photo on the cover for this podcast is Jay's from the snowstorm
3) Jon Acuff's Three Questions for 2016 - setting a path for success in the new year
4) Learn Do Grow - What are we doing over the next week?

Links in this podcast:
I mention or discuss the following sites and articles in this podcast:

1) Small Scale Life Blog - www.smallscalelife.com
2) Small Scale Gardening Blog - www.smallscalegardening.com
3) Jay's A Crash Into Life Blog - acrashintolife.wordpress.com/
4) Beatsby_Roi Lemon Water Chronicles Volume 1 - Beatsbyroi – Lemon-water-chronicles-vol-i