Regenerative Agriculture with Doneil Freeman - S2E30

November 30th, 2017 · 58 mins 48 secs

About this Episode

We have a great podcast for you today.  Today’s show is an interview with Doneil Freeman, who is a husband, father (a Regenerative Dad), permaculturist, farmer based on regenerative agriculture principles, beekeeper, teacher and a fellow podcaster.  Doneil Freeman operates Freeman Family Farms located in Calhan, Colorado.  Doneil has experience beekeeping, rebuilding soil in arid places and regenerating overgrazed pastures using principles from regenerative agriculture and permaculture.  He has run a successful CSA program, and he has a lot of advice for those of us who are starting small businesses which includes market gardens, urban farms CSA programs and even a blogs and podcasts.

This will be a two part interview.  In this podcast, we cover a lot of topics including attending Hogtoberfest, beekeeping, starting and running a CSA program, and regenerative agriculture including rebuilding soils in arid environments.  Part 2 will include a discussion about Doneil’s wicking beds and the Regenerative Dad’s podcast.

Topics - Regenerative Agriculture with Doneil Freeman

Doneil and I discussed the following topics in Part 1 of our two part interview:

Hogtoberfest 2017 with Greg Burns, Drew Sample and Michael Jordan
Origin Stories
My Story
Doneil's Story
Doneil's Bees
Regenerative Agriculture, Restoring the Land and Farming
Boom to Bust CSA Program
Freeman Family Farm


Doneil and I covered a lot of ground in this podcast including the following links:

Doneil Freeman on Facebook
Freeman Family Farms
Regenerative Dads Podcast Website
Regenerative Dads on iTunes
The Sample Hour Episode 171 - Hogtoberfest 2017