Tea Time with Red Dragon Herbs and Teas

December 17th, 2020 · 1 hr 19 mins

About this Episode

In this Small Scale Life YouTube video and Podcast Episode, I am having Tea Time with Red Dragon Herbs and Teas. We are going to be talking about backyard homesteading and starting a small business from home. Who knows? Maybe Ryan’s story will motivate you to try that small side hustle that brings in extra income for you and your family. You never know!

Red Dragon Herbs and Teas is a small tea business from Des Moines, Iowa. Ryan and Mary Lewellin started Red Dragon Herb and Teas in 2015, and they have grown the business through word of mouth and at local (and sometimes not so local) farmer’s markets. This is their story of international travel and tea tasting, humble beginnings, government regulations and overcoming.

It’s tea time! Grab your favorite cup of tea, put on your headphones and enjoy the show!

For more information, links and a special DISCOUNT CODE for Red Dragon Herbs and Teas, go to Small Scale Life and find the article titled "Tea Time with Red Dragon Herbs and Teas" (or just click this text to take you there directly).