SSG: A 3 Step Process for My 2020 Garden Plan

February 6th, 2020 · 36 mins 41 secs

About this Episode

It is that time of year again: it is time to make My 2020 Garden Plan! I have been looking at my snow-covered garden and getting the itch to grow something, taste something fresh and make some delicious pickles, relish or salsa.

Who is with me?

This long slog from January to April in the northland really gives a gardener cabin-fever, but it is these quiet, cold nights where we come up with new ideas and our garden plans for the new season. It is also almost time to start growing those seedlings!

If you are new to gardening, you might feel overwhelmed. Maybe you want to grow everything in that shiny seed catalog! Maybe you just don’t know where to start.

For veteran gardeners, you are probably so used to growing the same stuff that you don’t think about it too much. You might be curious how other gardeners “DO IT,” and by that I mean creating a 2020 Garden Plan. You can get your mind out of the rain gutter now!

In this podcast episode and post, and I am going to talk about the following:

• Looking Back at 2019
• My 2020 Garden Plan Step 1: My Ultimate Garden List
• Step 2: Reality Check: Reducing the List
• What is Whole30?
• Step 3: Finalizing My 2020 Garden Plan (List of Vegetables and Herbs)
• Next Steps

For show notes, pictures and links, head over to Small Scale Gardening site for more information!