Urban Homesteading with Hannah from The Wisconsin Homesteading Podcast

January 14th, 2021 · 42 mins 33 secs

About this Episode

Pressing forward into 2021, we are starting the New Year off right! In this 183rd Podcast Episode, we are talking about gardening, urban homesteading and future homesteading plans with Hannah from The Wisconsin Homestead Podcast.

Hannah and her husband AJ are fellow travelers in the Homesteading space. Like us, Hannah and AJ are living close to their parents in an urban area. In an effort to live healthier lives and break patterns of the American consumption lifestyle, they started gardening, growing fruit trees and making things from scratch. They have branched off to document their story on The Wisconsin Homestead Podcast and Instagram.

Of course, this has lead to some interesting adventures and entanglements along the way. For example, you might not be a true urban homesteader until the police come to your house to investigate your yard…..

For all of us that long to have a little more land and a lot more freedom, this podcast episode should bring a smile to your face and inspire you to try. It is not too late to start breaking free, and you will hear how tomatoes are indeed the gateway to gardening and freedom!

If you want to start developing your vision for your future, take a listen to our podcast episode titled “How to Dream Big, Set Goals and Take Steps to Achieve Them” on Small Scale Life.com https://www.smallscalelife.com/how-to-dream-big-set-goals/

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