Amazing Driver’s Education in Northfield, Minnesota

November 19th, 2020 · 39 mins 48 secs

About this Episode

Helping people: that's what drives so many entrepreneurs. These brave folks have talents, skills, ideas and most importantly the gumption to get up and address needs in their communities.

Hey, everyone, this is Tom your host of the Small Scale Life Podcast. I am glad you are here! In this Escape Velocity Series Podcast and Video on Small Scale Life, I have the honor of interviewing Kris Geissler. Kris saw a need to provide driver’s education in her community, and she started the Northfield Area School of Driving to help teach students how to drive safely.

Who is Kris Geissler? Kris is a single mom and has a background in special education. She went from the St. Peter Security Hospital to teaching. She wanted to help students who were struggling in school in an effort to prevent them from going down a dark path. Kris has a passion to help these students succeed in school and life.

Northfield is a community south of the Twin Cities and home to St. Olaf College, Carleton Collage and Malt-O-Meal. It is far enough from the Twin Cities that it is beautiful bedroom community with small town charm, but it is big enough that there are needs for students and people that go unfulfilled.

One of those needs was driver’s education. There were no driver’s education classes available to local students. Kris saw that need and started her school to address that need in the Northfield area, especially when Community Education said "no."

Do You See a Need?

Do you see a need for a product or service?

Maybe this podcast episode is just what you need to hear to make you START. That is the most difficult thing: overcoming your fear and starting. It is my goal to inspire you to take that step forward and begin. Escape Velocity is achieved after you get some momentum and small successes.

The key, however, is to start!

What's holding you back?

Think about it as you listen to Kris Geissler’s story about her Amazing Driver’s Education in Northfield, Minnesota!