Doniel Freeman: Wicking Beds and Regenerative Dads S2E32

December 11th, 2017 · 44 mins 15 secs

About this Episode

Today’s episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast is actually the second part of my interview with Doneil Freeman.  Who is Doneil Freeman?  He is a husband, father (a Regenerative Dad), permaculturist, regenerative farmer, beekeeper, teacher and a fellow podcaster.  He operates the Freeman Family Farm in Calhan, Colorado.  Doneil has experience beekeeping, rebuilding soil in arid places and regenerating overgrazed pastures.  He also has extensive experience with Wicking Bed Gardens to grow all kinds of vegetables!

This is the second part of my interview with Doneil.  If you want to catch the first, listen to Episode 30 of the Small Scale Life Podcast.  In this episode, we discuss Doneil’s wicking beds and the Regenerative Dad’s podcast.  I am pretty excited about this podcast because it is launching a new series at Small Scale Life about wicking beds and how awesome they are! 

Topics - Wicking Beds and Regenerative Dads

Doneil and I discussed the following topics in Part 2 of our two part interview:

  • Wicking Beds in Arid Environments
  • - list text hereSecond-hand watering troughs
  • - list text hereLiners - Pond liner and 6mm liner
  • - list text hereCompost
  • - Mulch
  • - list text hereCharging the system
  • Regenerative Dads Podcast
  • - What is the subject?
  • - Why is this important?
  • - Where is it going?
  • Putting It All Together 
  • - Wicking Bed Nation
  • - Upcoming shows
  • - Thank you!